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What The Roommate Did

A couple of years ago, I had a male roommate. My regular roommate had moved out and across the state due to getting a job promotion, so I really needed someone to become my roommate to share the expenses. The landlord had actually come to me since he knew I was looking for a new […]

30 Oct 2014auditory voyeur / eavesdropping / listening in / roommate

Phone Sex Is Off The Hook!

m4s0n501 I recall one of the first times I had phone sex with a boyfriend of mine, we hadn’t been going out long and hadn’t had sex yet. I’d told him I had bought myself a new vibrator earlier in the day and I was wondering if I was going to like it. He laughed […]

28 Oct 2014guided masturbation / masturbation / phone sex / sex toy / vibrator

Cuckold Phone Sex

I cannot even count how many guys call me up for some cuckold phone sex, or to tell me about the real life cuckold situations they are in. It’s always a surprise to hear how many are in this type of situation to me, and quite frankly it’s rampant. Of course, like many guys into […]

25 Oct 2014cuckold / size queen

Glory Hole Heaven

I can’t even count how many times guys have called up for phone sex and asked if they could call me while they are at the glory hole sucking cock. They love to be made to do it and take it down their throats and swallow every hot, salty drop of spunk. Sucking off strange […]

23 Oct 2014cock sucking / glory holes / men's room / strangers

The Sounds of Sucking

Many callers that call me for phone sex are not just calling to masturbate as I talk to them, I’ve had many callers that call as they are getting a blow job from everyone from their girlfriend, their wife, and escort, to another man. Many times they find phone sex can just enhance their sexual […]

20 Oct 2014bj / blow job / cock sucking

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