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Religious Blasphemy To Make You Cum

Some men call up for phone sex that were raised in rather strange, religious households. Many times Catholic ones. They were schooled by priests and nuns and had odd ideas drilled into their heads during the years of their sexual awakening. This has an effect on some that emerges years later as religious blasphemy phone […]

28 Nov 2014church / nuns / priests / religion / religious blasphemy

I Love Big Cocks

I am a size queen, and last night was lucky enough to have a phone sex caller that had a 13 inch cock. He let me see it on cam, so I know he wasn’t just saying that and that it was small in real life. I got so turned on watching him wank his […]

19 Nov 2014big / big cocks / huge / huge dicks / size queen

Let Me Fuck Your Feet

Do you find yourself fantasizing about feet and toes? Lots of phone sex callers do. One called last night masturbating away as he described in detail how his new girlfriend had just given him his first foot job. He’s always admired a lovely pair of feet, but hadn’t paid much mind to them otherwise, but […]

10 Nov 2014feet / foot / smell / toes

Couple Calls

One thing lots of people wouldn’t think about on most phone sex calls is couples that call. I have had couples call that are having sex during the call. Some will ask me to direct their action, tell them what to do. It’s like I’m directing my own porn movie, though I can’t see it […]

04 Nov 2014couples

Up Yours!

This man called up for some phone sex last night and said he had a toy with him. Not all that unusual, I have many clients that call up and are using anal toys on themselves. Some are also using things they should not be, like cucumbers, carrots, one even had an apple up his […]

31 Oct 2014anal / prostate massage / sex toy

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