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Good Time Girl

You know, I don’t just do phone sex, I’m involved in other naughty pursuits as well. I really am an insatiable minx, and can’t get enough cock. I can leave my phone lines available as much as possible of course. I can’t be in bed every waking minute as well as when asleep. A few […]

14 Oct 2014escort / phone sex

My First Time

Many of my callers are quite curious as to my various sexual experiences. They have an insatiable appetite to hear about all kinds f naughty things I’ve gotten up to, like other girls, or even what my first time was like. I don’t mind telling them, they are calling for phone sex and for many, […]

13 Oct 2014first time / phone sex / virginity

Tale Of A Tit Wank

This new boyfriend of mine, well I don’t usually fuck on a first date, but I’m not totally against any fooling around, so I decided I’d go as far as a tit wank with this guy. We’d met on an online dating site and chatted for a few days and one night he even called […]

12 Oct 2014big boobs / boobs / tit wank / tits / titty wank

Guided Masturbation For Ladies

Guided masturbation phone sex isn’t just for the ladies to give to the gents. Some ladies absolutely adore being told how and where to touch themselves. It’s very hot and sexy and arousing to have someone guide your masturbation. Some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had in my life were from a guy telling […]

11 Oct 2014edging / guided masturbation / j/o instructions / masturbation

Tammi and his big black cock

She hesitated as she reached to grasp the doorknob, glancing up to be sure she had the right address. She knew she was exactly where he had told her to be, at the time she was to arrive. As she rang the bell, the cuff on her wrist glinted in the moonlight, like sparks igniting. […]

01 Oct 2014BBC / big black cock


    I'm Nicole, and I am a NAUGHTY, hot, sexy, curvy redhead with long hair, and very huge 40D natural tits. I love sex, cum and sucking your cock. I want to share all about my first time with you, I couldn't wait to do it! And I love it even more - - I am a typical redhead in the bed - - totally passionate and full-on fucking!!!

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